RayLOCK® Quick Connector

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This patented ARaymondTM Quick Connector has the advantage of featuring two locking systems.

The initial automatic connection is then followed up by a double lock in the form of a metal clip.

Through this feature the connection can be checked, since the metal clip can only come down once the initial connection has been made.

Meeting the SAE J2044 standard, RayLOCK® Quick Connectors are particularly suitable for fuel system lines in the Automotive and Truck markets.

Our Quick Connectors come in a range of diameters and designs.


RayLOCK® Quick Connnectors

In order to meet your specific requirements, we can include integrated valves or sensors in our ARaymondTM Quick Connectors


RayLOCK® Quick Connnectors avec une valve Schrader®

The position of the latch in RayLOCK® Quick Connectors can also be adjusted and changed according to your specifications and requirements.

We call this the “RW” (“Rotated Windows”) option.