2 button Quick connector

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Compatible with international standards such as SAE J2044ARaymond 2-button Quick Connectors have been at the heart of our success for over 20 years.

Found in all fluid transfer lines, including fuel system lines, SCR urea lines and braking lines, 2-Button Quick Connectors are a family of quick connectors offering automatic instant connection.

The connection is established automatically when the fitting is inserted.

The opening is produced by applying pressure on the latch buttons.

The buttons may be positioned to face in different directions, depending on the specifications.

An audible click indicates that the fitting has been correctly inserted.

Available in a wide variety of shapes, angles and diameters, Double Button Quick Connectors are used in the automotive and truck industries.



Our Quick Connectors can also be equipped with integrated functions such as valves (self-sealing valves, check valves, etc.) or sensors.


ARaymond QC 2 button One Way valve     and   ARaymond QC 2 boutons RG® Valve



Double Lock accessory


Automotive Quick Connectors are also equipped with numerous accessories, including, for example, features to check that the fitting is correctly inserte